Patch 1.5.1

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パッチ 1.5.X 1.5.で始まるすべてのパッチを表します。



パッチ 1.5.1 は 2017-04-12 にリリースされました[1]。チェックサムは 8818 です。


  • Fixed a couple rare crashes
  • Fixed Server ID not being auto-filled when joining a multiplayer game
  • Ironman now saves properly when exiting to main menu
  • Ironman games now properly show an icon to mark them as ironman
  • Fixed a bug where a hotjoining player without the Utopia DLC could not pick countries that used Utopia features
  • Fixed a bug that was causing nerve stapled pops to never be enslaved
  • Fixed Philosopher King civic not applying to your starting ruler
  • Fixed AI weights for Megastructures
  • Fixed: Tooltips for sectors were in wrong order
  • Megastructures can no longer be built around planets/stars with Anomalies
  • Fixed improper reference to game mechanic (pops) in event texts
  • Fixed an issue with movement arrows acting strange when lots of orders had been queued
  • Hive Mind will now stop processing pops of other species when they're gene-modded to gain the Hive Mind trait
  • Fixed randomized species sometimes being generated with the Uplifted trait
  • Players can no longer reform governments to have invalid civics
  • Pop faction promotion/suppression modifiers are now removed when the faction is destroyed
  • Fixed out-of-sync where killed ships had their movement updated
  • Infested planets no longer destroyed
  • Fixed issue preventing multiple pops migrating to a planet at the same time
  • Fixed missing text for the news feed in the launcher
  • Fixed Chemical Bliss living standard accidentally requiring the Utopia expansion
  • Fixed bug where robotic species could not be picked to play when hotjoining a multiplayer game
  • Fixed a bug where timed modifiers on factions would never update
  • Fixed sector tooltip displaying "Planning to construct none" for spaceport constructions.
  • Texture optimization for megastructures
  • Synthetic rebel leaders are now properly assigned names
  • Fixed game getting stuck after game over, continuing in observer mode


  • Fixed overflow bug causing ethic attraction to show wrong values
  • Fixed faction demand displaying wrong tooltip
  • Fixed missing species class-related descriptors for Robots
  • Adjusted AI Citizen Rights tooltip
  • Added some missing/broken texts
  • Added missing modifier and tech icons


  • Fixed bug where AI cancelled fleet order to attack hostiles within borders


  • on_modification_complete is executed after changing the species of all affected pops and after updating the empire's founder species (if applicable). Fix FROM (species) scope of that event not working.
  • Fixed an issue where a set_citizenship_type effect missing the country reference
  • Fixed an issue where you were not able to override specific defines in the common/defines files


  • Fixed a memory leak with potential pop factions


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